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What is Oze?
Oze is a mobile and web app that helps you track the money coming in and out of your business so you can confidently make decisions to help your business grow. Think of it like having a business advisor right on your phone.
What does Oze mean?
The word itself has no definition, but to us it means “to dare”; Dare yourself to take control of your business. Dare yourself to invest in its growth. Dare yourself to dream big. We believe that entrepreneurs are the most daring individuals in the world and our name is a toast to them.
How can Oze help my business grow?
I’m glad you asked! Studies have shown that if you manage your business based on data, you are more likely to succeed and grow than companies who do not use data in their decision-making process. Oze enables you to adopt this world-class practice simply by using the app on your smartphone. After you have used the app for some time, we can help you grow even faster by connecting qualifying business owners to banks to receive loans.
How much does Oze cost?
Oze is free for small businesses to use. Collecting transactions, seeing them on your dashboard, and receiving messages from your coach will always be free. To access some of the advanced features like adding multiple users to your account and sending unlimited receipts and invoices, you may have to pay a small subscription fee. Our mission is to always make Oze affordable for small business owners.
Does my business have to be registered for me to use Oze?
Nope! Oze is for any small business to use, your registration status, size or stage does not matter. If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out. Use Oze. If you’ve been in operation for 2 years. Use Oze. If you have 5 employees and are growing fast. Use Oze. If you’re a student dreaming of starting a business. Even you can use Oze.
Is it available for use on my iPhone or my laptop?
Yes! Oze is available in the Apple App Store, just search for O-Z-E business appto download the app to your iPhone. And Yes! We built a web app for use on laptops and computers. However, it’s only available when you subscribe for Oze Platinum.
I don’t live in Ghana. Can I still use Oze?
Yes! Oze is available in many countries. However, we are only providing customer service via WhatsApp chat if you are not in Ghana. As we expand, we’ll add more types of customer services to other countries. If you want your country to be next, send us a message here and put your country in the subject line.
How can I be certain that my money won’t be tampered with?
Have no fear! There is no chance that your money will be tampered with through the app. Oze keeps records, but not your money. And we don’t share your records with anyone unless you ask us to. You should continue to protect your cash as you normally would.
I work with an organization that works with small businesses. How can Oze help me do my job better?
Oze makes your job easier, because it facilitates data collection and analysis. With Oze Enterprise, you can have a dashboard that gives you a picture of the performance of all of the businesses that you work with. If you are interested in learning more about Oze Enterprise, send us an email at