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Simple, fair pricing

We only get paid when you do.

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  • Ghana
  • Nigeria

Local transactions


1.5 %

per transaction

  • Tick No upfront fees. Start receiving payments from your customers in minutes.
  • Tick Local card payments are capped at ₦2,000.

Local transactions

bank transfer, USSD, and more

payment method


per transaction

  • Tick Try bank transfer, bank, Paga Pay and more.
  • Tick Bank transfer and other wallet and mobile money payments capped at ₦2,000.

International transactions


3.8 %

per transaction

  • Tick Get paid by customers from all over the world.

Comes with

Key features, that make getting paid simple.

Payment links

Send a link or a professional invoice with a link where your customer can pay you with no stress.

Automatically updated accounting

When that payment comes in, watch
 your sales increase.

Payment notifications

Know exactly when payments hit with a push
 notification right to your phone

Common Questions

What is Oze Pay?
Oze pay is our newest feature! It lets you accept digital payment from your customer right in the app. Simply create a new sale, enter the details and then click request payment!
Do I need to be on a paid subscription to use Oze Pay?
No please! Oze pay is a feature available to both business owners using both the free and paid versions of the app. All you have to do is go through our customer verification process.
What happens when I click request payment?
When you click request payment, the app will pop up a payment link you can share with your customer! Once your customer clicks on that link, they are redirected to make payment securely in their internet browser.
When I share a payment link with a customer, what do they see when they click on the link?
Your customer will be redirected to a webpage where they can follow simple instructions to enter their payment details (card information or mobile money number) and complete payment.
Does the link expire?
After your customer clicks on the link for the first time, they have 3 hours to make payment before you will need to send them a new link. If they haven’t clicked on the link yet, the link will not expire in any amount of time.
What payment methods are available to me and my customers?
Currently, you can accept payments via mobile money (MTN, Vodafone, and Airtel Tigo) and debit card in Ghana and in Nigeria, you can accept payments via debit card, bank transfer, USSD, and much more.
Can my customer change the payment method they want to use when they open the link?
Yes! Your customers have the option to select a different payment method once they are on the payment page.
Can I see the payment history of a customer?
Yes! You will see the payment history of your customer in each transaction. All you need to do is open the transaction, scroll down and click on view payment history.
What mobile money or bank account can I receive my funds into?
You can receive your funds in any mobile money account or bank account as long as your account is linked successfully and the details you provided are correct.
What currencies can customers pay with?
In Nigeria, you can accept payments in over 150 currencies including Naira, Dollars, Cedis, Pounds, CFA, and more!
How much does it cost to accept payments?
We charge a small fee per transaction. You can view pricing for Ghana and Nigeria on our pricing pages.
Who pays the transaction fee?
You have the option to pay the transaction fee or pass it on to your customer.
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