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Sell more online with Oze Shop

It’s time to take your business online. Create your Oze Shop in a few minutes and sell to more customers instantly.

Manage your orders on the go

Add your shop link to social pages or share product links by DM so your customers buy from the same place.

Features that supercharge your online sales

Custom online shop

No domain or website hosting needed.

Product links

Send individual products to customers.

Delivery methods

Provide multiple ways for your customers to get your products.

Automated stock out

Stop selling products you don’t have. Auto-remove out-of-stock products from shop.

Shop analytics

Monitor how much sales you're making from each of your products.

Shop chat

Customers visiting your online shop can chat you with any questions.


How can my customers access my shop?
Simply share your shop link with them and when your customers click the link they will see your shop on their smartphone, laptop or any connected device.
Do I need to add products on Oze shop after I have added them on my Inventory?
No. All sales items added on Inventory are published automatically on your Oze shop
Can I manage published items on my Oze Shop?
Yes. You can edit, share or delete published items on your Oze Shop.
Will my customers know I no longer have an item in stock while on my Shop?
Yes. Once an item is out of stock, your customers can see the items are out of stock and cannot buy them.
What if I want my customer wants to buy a particular product without visiting my Oze Shop?
Easy! You can share the link to that product with the customer directly from your Oze Shop on the Oze mobile app. Here’s how to do it.
How many products can I upload on my Oze Shop?
This is subject to your subscription plan. However, in the immediate you can upload as many products as possible.
Are there any associated fees on Oze Shop?
Yes. The charge on Oze shop is 2.5% flat fee.
How and when do I pay the fees?
The fees are deducted from the product price during settlement. I.e you are settled the total sales amount less the 2.5% charge on the sale.
Can my customers pay me on Oze Shop?
Absolutely! Oze Shop is an end-to-end eCommerce platform that handles all your sales need via an online shop. Oze Shop is integrated with the best payment services providers to bring your customers the best payment experience and you, a seamless settlement process.
When do I get settled?
All settlements to merchants are processed and remitted at T+1. I.e a day after the sale transaction was processed on your Oze Shop.
Do I have to manually record a transaction done on my Oze Shop on my Oze app?
No. All Oze Shop transactions are automatically added to your transactions record.
Can I issue a transaction receipt from my Oze Shop?
Yes. Once you have fulfilled an order and mark the order as completed, you will be able to send a receipt to the buyer.
Do I need to know the buyer or have their contact before I can send a transaction receipt to them?
No. Oze sends transactions receipts to the buyer’s checkout email address when you opt to send a receipt. Hence, you do not need to have a direct contact with the buyer to be able to send a receipt to them.
Will my customers get a confirmation when a payment or order has been placed?
Yes. Customers who place orders on your shop will get confirmation of their orders via the email.

Join thousands of social sellers across Africa using Oze.

From tailors to caterers to barbers, small business owners are getting tremendous value from getting their business on Oze.

"Oze Shop has given me a convenient platform for selling my products and an integrated system for tracking my sales and expenses at the same time. As a business owner, it has simplified my operations and eliminated the worry of missing so much sales. I highly recommend Oze Shop for businesses looking to streamline their business and increase revenue."

~ Glow Stopper

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