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Get a loan for your business when it matters.

Finally, loans with affordable interest rates to finance your orders or grow your business.

Our Loan Partners

We partner with financial institutions and fintechs who love to work with small business owners. After you’re paired with a partner, we follow up to make sure you’re having the best experience possible.

No collateral, no hidden fees, on loans you can afford.

We make getting a loan easy.

Apply right 
in Oze

Save time – it takes only minutes to apply and some customers are approved instantly.

Affordable interest rates

Interest rates as low as 3% for
 qualified periods.

Get credit based on actual business performance

Just because you do a lot of cash transactions doesn’t mean you can’t qualify.

Finance your orders

Make a big sale but the customer won’t pay until the end of the month? Get cash now.

Work with a coach you can call

Work with a real person who knows your name.

Get the right size loan for your business

You don’t just need a loan, you need the right loan. Our loan offers are designed specifically for small businesses.


Business Loan

Get a loan that actually makes a difference for your business.


Cash Now

Join our Cash Now Program and get invoice funding in no time at all.

Get a loan in 3 easy steps

No stress. No trip to the bank to fill out paperwork. Apply from the comfort of your smartphone.


Create a free account


Fill out our simple application


Link your bank account

Bonus: You can repay your loan right in Oze!


of customers say they trust Oze with their financial information.
(Oze 2022 Customer Survey)

Are you eligible?

Here’s what we look for:

A clear picture of your business in Oze

3 months of bank or mobile money statements

A complete loan application

"Almost every business was hit in the jaw by the coronavirus pandemic… in fact it devastated my 2020 business plan, until one day I saw Oze's loan offer for enterpreneurs. I can't define the kind of feeling upon seeing the loan offer. 😃😃 I was like "hipiii" Oze to the rescue. 🕺🕺The flexibility of terms and low interest got me sigend on so quick. "Cabum" 💥💥 I received the cash within a few days. I sounded like an ambulance 🚑🚑 when I saw the message because it's obvious it doesn't work like that in my country. Wow wow wow wow wow was the only thing I heard myself saying after."

~ Emmanuel , Owner of Ifok Handmade Limited

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