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Serving small businesses is what we do.

Oze partners with companies like yours to support the growth of small businesses everywhere.

Tools and products that support small businesses

Provide value-added services to your SME customers. Reach businesses with a higher willingness to pay.

Business App

Native advertising

Portfolio management

Trade Financing


Learn more about
 what your customers actually want

Understand your customers’ needs on a deeper level.


Create content that encourages action

Sponsor business tips that our growing base of small businesses actually read. Position your company as a thought leader.


Understand your portfolio of SMEs

What do your SMEs really care about? What services are they willing to pay for? Get the insights that will drive your business decisions.


Let Oze handle your value chain financing

Bring your suppliers and resellers onto Oze, and we’ll handle the trade financing they need. Whether they need funds to purchase more inventory or financing to be able to meet your demand for supplies, Oze is there for them. If you bring more than 50 value chain partners onto Oze, we’ll also provide you with real-time analytics so that you can understand how much supply is available, when products are sold, and for how much.

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Découvrez ce que Oze peut faire pour votre entreprise.

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