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TreasureMaks Open Very Own Storefront

08 April 2020 - 1 min, 16 secs read

McDennis is the Owner of TreasureMaks, an up-and-coming design and print shop based in Accra. McDennis and his team focus on apparel printing but they also do hats, labels, bags and other branded collateral.

When we first met McDennis, he was running TreasureMaks out of his house. He was keeping his records in Excel, but not getting much use from them. He knew that if he had real-time information about his business he could boost production and grow. He could achieve his goal of opening his own shop.

McDennis started using Oze, and after chatting with Coach he came up with a plan. Step One: Decide how much money he needed to boost production. He chatted with an Oze Coach and together calculated how much money he could safely take on as a loan based on his monthly sales. Step Two: Find an investor to provide the capital. McDennis had a friend in US who was interested but they wanted to see what was going on in the business. Luckily, McDennis knew he could upgrade to Oze Gold and just add the investor to his Oze account. That way, the investor could see in real-time all the hard work McDennis and team were putting in. 

Guess what!? The plan worked! A few months ago, TreasureMaks moved out and into their very own Storefront! 

Want to do business with TreasureMaks? Contact McDennis on WhatsApp at +233204652625. And don’t forget to follow TreasureMaks on Facebook: @TreasureMaks | Instagram: @TreasureMaks | Twitter: @TreasureMaks |

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