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Want to lend
 to SMEs?

Launch a digital SME loan product and give small business customers a decision within minutes. No upfront costs.

Trusted by digital innovators

Run your SME loan book better with Oze

Unlock tools that will increase loan book profitability.

Lend to SMEs saving 
with you, finally.

Oze’s alternative credit scoring algorithm alerts you to good borrowers on your books without the need for an audit or collateral. Start building customer loyalty.

Access more 
creditworthy SMEs.

Our small businesses have a history of good financial record keeping and are growth-oriented. With a business coach, you’re not alone in the repayment process.

Credit score

Reduce NPLs of your 
loan portfolio.

Oze’s models are better at detecting risk and fraud than traditional methods. Deploy your capital to businesses that are willing and able to repay it.

Save costs with automation

What several people used to do in a week can now be done by a computer in seconds. Stop spending your time manually reviewing financial statements.

Get real-time analytics on 
portfolio performance.

Our intuitive loans management system allows you to see the metrics that are important to you without having to do endless calculations in Excel.

Get started with no upfront cost.

No expensive integration fees. We only make money when you make money.

Build customer
 loyalty today

With the rise of fintechs, SMEs have more options. They want to bank and take loans from their smartphones. With Oze, you can compete and win. Our customizable solution allows you to create an automated digital loan product seamlessly integrated with your other offerings.

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Automation


of customers say they trust Oze with their financial information.
(Oze 2022 Customer Survey)

Security for your organization and your customers

At Oze, we take security seriously while adopting international standards for data privacy and security.

Our ISO 27001 certification means we’ve implemented business practices and processes including a robust business continuity plan to ensure our customers and your customers can work with us with confidence.

"Almost every business was hit in the jaw by the coronavirus pandemic… in fact it devastated my 2020 business plan, until one day I saw Oze's loan offer for enterpreneurs. I can't define the kind of feeling upon seeing the loan offer. 😃😃 I was like "hipiii" Oze to the rescue. 🕺🕺The flexibility of terms and low interest got me sigend on so quick. "Cabum" 💥💥 I received the cash within a few days. I sounded like an ambulance 🚑🚑 when I saw the message because it's obvious it doesn't work like that in my country. Wow wow wow wow wow was the only thing I heard myself saying after."

~ Emmanuel , Owner of Ifok Handmade Limited

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