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Challenges of Cash vs. Benefits of Mobile Money

Oze Coach
22 July 2020 - 2 mins, 2 secs read

With the whole world still trying to manoeuvre through the pandemic, a lot of businesses have come to a standstill, new businesses have been birthed, and a new way of doing things has erupted.

Does it ever occur to you that things would have been the same without the uproar of this pandemic? So, do you agree with me that there are indeed some advantages of this pandemic which have, in one way or another, helped us as entrepreneurs running businesses?

If you said a big yes in your head, then let us talk some more!

In Ghana, Mobile Money (momo) is the latest trend. Especially during this pandemic, it is not economically safe to be in a place where the virus can be spread quickly. So, almost everybody has a mobile money wallet to prevent the exchange of cash.

Below are three main challenges of cash and how the incorporation of mobile money has helped to solve the problem:

  1. Transfer: Cash is very difficult to transfer. You would have to go to the bank to send money from one place to another, or even go through tiresome travels to deliver money to someone. However, with mobile money, it is very easy to transfer money. Once the recipient is also a momo user, you can transfer money onto the person’s mobile wallet with ease.

  2. Security: According to Cybercrime in Ghana, 49% of Ghanaians worry about their cash being stolen. Unlike cash, mobile money is very safe. You have a personalised pin code that no one knows which keeps your money safe. This saves you from the trouble of losing your money or having it stolen.

  3. Portability: Holding a lot of cash can be very heavy and tiresome, unlike mobile money. The only thing you have to hold is your phone which is very handy and easy to send or receive transactions from wherever in the world!

Moving with this trend, OZÈ has incorporated mobile money payments, to ensure that users get the best in tracking their sales and expenses! Users do not have to go about looking for the company to pay for any of our amazing paid packages. Everything can be done just on the app or using mobile money.

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