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12 Creative Business Ideas in Ghana

18 August 2021 - 6 mins, 36 secs read

Ghana is a land of opportunities. There are diverse business ideas in Ghana that have the potential to bring social change and improve the economic livelihoods of thousands. As the old Chinese proverb goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. All the big businesses we see today are a result of an idea. Ideas are powerful, and in this article, we will present you with 12 creative small business ideas in Ghana that anyone can take on. I’m sure you have asked yourself this question before “what business can I start with 2,000 Ghana Cedis” or “what business can I start with 10,000 Ghana Cedis”. This article might as well provide you with some great business ideas you can start even if you do not have any money.

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1. Ride-Sharing Driver

The emergence of ride-sharing giants like Uber and Bolt in Ghana has opened up the Taxi driving business to anyone with a driver’s licence. You can drive cars that you do not own for a commission on every trip or a fixed fee which you will agree upon with the car owner. You could also drive to own a car and pay for the car over time as you work. Transportation has always been an important part of life and in a busy city like Accra, there’s never a shortage of rides.

2. Catering

I’m sure you have had something to eat or you might be munching on a snack as you read this article. Eating is a daily activity that we all need to do at least once a day. We must eat but not all of us have the time or desire to cook. Feeding hungry people is a good way to make some money as people freely spend their money on a meal. You could target certain niches in the catering industry like cakes, pastries, bread, lunch for schools or lunch for corporate people. The options are endless. Catering is one of the most profitable small scale businesses in Ghana that basically anyone can start. You could cook banku and fish with pepper which is quite easy and affordable.

3. Snail Farming

Ghana was known for having a strong agricultural backbone, but over the years, many of the youth have migrated from rural areas to urban towns in search of white-collar jobs. This has created a need for an increase in farming. Crops such as tomatoes, ginger, corn, legumes, etc are in high demand and take little effort and time to grow. Again, focusing on a niche within this industry is your best bet at making a profit from agriculture. Snail farming is a very viable option that does not require a lot of space or resources. Snails are quite easy to rare as compared to other animals. Snails also sell very well within the Ghanaian and even West African markets. If you are looking for fast-moving items to sell in Ghana then you should consider snail farming.

4. Scrap metal

This method may not seem like a natural option but there’s a lot of scrap metal in Ghana that can be repurposed or remelted. Many companies are ready to pay good money for scrap metal as it’s good for the environment and your pocket. Scrap metal pollution in Ghana is becoming a big problem as many more gadgets are being shipped to Ghana. Gathering scrap metal is an easy but labour intensive way to make money in Ghana.

5. Photography

Taking pictures can earn you money! The good thing is that you do not even need a professional camera to get started. These days, the cameras on most people’s phones are better than some DSLR cameras. With the right skill, lighting and camera (or phone), you can easily become a professional phone photographer or even videographer. Wedding photography is a great business idea in Ghana that you can pursue if you have the passion for photography.

6. Tour Guide

The Covid 19 situation really put a toll on the tourism industry in Ghana. But with the opening of the airports and borders, many are predicting a surge in global travel within the next few years. Ghana receives many tourists annually, working as a tour guide within your area is a great way to earn extra money by showing tourists and adventurers around your neighbourhood or country.

7. Daycare

Children are a joy, but when both parents are working, then they will definitely need a place to stay during the day. You can run a daycare if you have the space or you could run a remote daycare where you commute to the parent’s house and work for a few hours. You will require permission from the Social Welfare Department if you want to get hired though. Working with children requires the necessary licenses to operate. So if you are already within this industry then this would be a great opportunity.

8. Thrift Shopping

Lots of people have junk that they have accumulated in their homes over the years, gathering these items such as clothes, furniture, books etc can be sold to others who are in need of it for a profit. You could either sell these items if you have a bunch of it in your home or you could gather them from neighbours and sell to people.

9. Makeup artist or supplier

Makeup is a big deal in Ghana with a majority of ladies using some level of make-up. From students, workers, mothers, to even some grandmothers, makeup is a basic household item in Ghana. Being a supplier or a makeup artist is a sure way to make some extra income. There are numerous Youtube channels that teach viewers how to apply makeup for different occasions. Makeup is definitely one of the wholesale business opportunities in Ghana.

10. Cleaning

To startup within this industry, you will need cleaning equipment and detergents. Most companies are too busy with work to have time to clean their own office space. Many would be glad to work with companies that can keep their offices clean without them having to think about it. With the global pandemic easing up many people still require detergents and sanitizers to keep their offices operational. You can do some research on how to start toiletries business in

Ghana if you want to succeed within this space.

11. Delivery Service

The delivery service business in Ghana really kicked off in 2020 due to the pandemic. Many who had to move items relied on delivery services to move their precious goods. All you need to start a delivery business is a motorbike and a rider. The bike must be equipped with a carrier in order to carry items. You can get a motorcycle licence yourself and even handle deliveries yourself. There are many companies that you can work with to get delivery gigs in Accra.

12. Affiliate Marketing

If you are good at selling items online then affiliate marketing would interest you. With Affiliate marketing, you sell items for companies over the internet and earn a commission when someone buys through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing falls under online business ideas in Ghana. You can sell via social media like Facebook, Youtube or even Whatsapp. Commissions on digital items can be up to 50% making this a very attractive form of business that anyone in Ghana can do.

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So there you have it, 12 creative business ideas in Ghana that you can start with very little capital. Some of these ideas will require a minimal capital investment but it’s very minuscule if you compare it with other businesses like exporting gold, etc. We hope these ideas inspire you to start something. But remember, whatever the nature of your business you need proper bookkeeping and accounting in order to succeed. Download and use the Oze App to make data-driven decisions for your business.

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