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Customer Service Week

Oze Coach
04 October 2022 - 1 min, 43 secs read

The International customer service week is October 3rd – 7th, 2022. It’s another opportunity to celebrate service. Having been through a devastating pandemic, the world now has more insight into the heroic contribution of frontline workers, who poured their time, energy and compassion into serving customers. Recognizing and celebrating such heroic display of humanity is the least that we can do at this time.

This year’s customer service week theme is Celebrate Service – Service is two-pronged; it’s either rendered or received. At any point in our lives, we are either  receiving or giving service. The quality of the service that we receive or give is determined by the heart, knowledge and grit that is put into it. For example, we always ask- “was the customer’s complaint addressed’’?, “was the information given accurate’?, “was I able to assist the customer?’ “was the experience something the customer will remember?” to mention a few. These questions are at the core of the heart with which excellent service is delivered.

Service is an action word – to help, restore, and care for someone or something. The act of service is when someone goes the extra mile to ensure an issue is resolved or to give a helping hand on a task, and that’s what we have at Oze. At Oze, we are proud of our exceptional staff, whose passion for customers is unrivaled. We are always looking for new ways to improve, and we always take the initiative to resolve issues as soon as possible.

We are celebrating both our internal and external customers. As an old adage says, “it takes two to tango”, we need you – to keep using the Oze app to record transactions and get insight to improve your growing business. You need us – to keep improving the app and releasing great features to make you do business better, resolve issues and celebrate every milestone you’ve achieved. We need each other to keep getting great ideas, winning, and making Oze your one-stop shop for all your business transactions. 

Happy Customer Service Week!!!

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