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How to record a transaction with a discount

Oze Coach
06 August 2018 - 1 min, 33 secs read

Sometimes you give a customer a discount on a sale. You can run a general promotion where all products of a certain type are 10% off or you could create a “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” scheme, or you could even just take a few cedis off the price to thank a loyal customer. In any case, you can use the discount feature in OZÉ to account for the difference in price.

Why is it important to record discounts? A discount is a marketing expense! If you aren’t recording the discounts you give, then you won’t have an accurate picture of your total expenses or the profit margins you are making on your products.

Coach Tip! From an accounting perspective, discounts do not affect your revenue. Your revenue will look the same as if you had not given a discount. It does affect your expenses (which it increases) and your cash (which increases by your revenue minus the discount).

How to enter a discount on a transaction

Follow the instructions below to enter a discount on a transaction:

  • Once you’re on the New Transaction screen, scroll down to Units and Discounts.

  • If you gave a discount per unit, enter the amount of discount per unit you gave.

  • If you gave a percentage discount, click on the USE % button. Then, enter the percentage discount you gave.

  • Click SAVE to close the transaction

How to see that a transaction was discounted

Follow the instructions below to view a discount on any transaction:

  • In your OZÉ app, click on the Menu in the top left corner and then click Transactions. ( ☰ ➜ Transactions )

  • Once you’re on the Transactions screen, look for the transaction that was discounted.

  • Did you find it? Next to the category, you will see in red text “less GH₵15 discount.” The amount will equal the total amount of the discount given.