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How to redeem credits for cool prizes

Oze Coach
27 January 2020 - 1 min, 52 secs read

We know that running a business is hard! So, from time-to-time, we like to encourage you by gifting you credits which you can then redeem for cool prizes. Read on to learn more or watch this video

Reedem Credits Screen.png

How to earn credits 

You earn by sharing the app with your friends! Once they have created an account and entered their first transaction, you both earn a credit! 

Soon you’ll be able to earn credits for things like using the app 5 days in a row and entering your 50th transaction. 

What cool prizes can I get?

Cool prizes range from 1GB of Data to a Bluetooth Receipt Printer to a 30-minute interview on GTV. Check out the instructions below to see all the available prizes.

How to redeem credits  

Kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Open the OZÉ app and click on the Menu tab at the top left corner.

  • Click Invite Friends.

  • Click Redeem Credits in the top right corner.

  • On the Redeem Credits screen, you’ll see a list of cool prizes you can spend your credits on! Select your prize by clicking the plus icon next to the prize. 

  • A pop-up will then ask you to confirm your selection. Click Confirm. (Or click Go Back to choose a different prize. 

How to share the OZÉ app

Kindly follow the instructions below, to ensure that you successfully share the OZÉ app with others:

  • Open the OZÉ app and click on the Menu tab at the top left corner.

  • Go on to select Invite Friends

  • On the Invite Friends screen, select the share icon in the top right corner 

  • After you click the icon, all of your phone’s share options will pop up. Choose the App you want to use. (for example WhatsApp or Email) 

  • An image and message will pop up for you to share. (In the content of the message, is your referral link. When a friend clicks your link and downloads the app, your referral code with automatically be captured as they create their account. When they enter their first transaction, you earn a credit and so will they!) 

  • Go on to share the app with as many friends as you like!