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Are you ready for more? Oze 2.0 has arrived!

We’re launched a whole new version of the Oze Business App with new and improved features like inventory management and Oze Shop + a fresh design. 

Sell more online with Oze Shop

Create your custom online shop in just a few clicks and start sharing it with your customers. It comes with product links, secure payment and shop chat! 

New and improved features that will take your business to the next level


Quick select from a list of products, send invoices with payment links and more!

Inventory management

Always know how much stock you have and get reminded when you are running low.

Oze Shop

Create your custom online shop. No domain or website hosting needed!

Credit score


Key metrics for daily review and easy to analyze charts to identify trends.


Get loans based on how your business is actually performing and apply right in the app.


Timely notifications to alert when stock is low, when a new order is made on your shop, and more.


What is Oze 2.0?
Oze 2.0 is a new and improved version of your favorite Oze Business App! It comes with improvements to our current features like Transactions, Employee Management, Dashboard (Now called Analytics!), and Coach. And even more exciting… it comes with brand new features like Inventory and Oze Shop!
How do I migrate and start using Oze 2.0?
It’s simple! Sometime in the next few weeks, you'll open the app and there will be a pop up that asks you if you are ready to migrate? Simply choose yes!
Will I still have access to all my transactions?
Yep! We will move all of your transactions from the old version of the app to the new version seamlessly behind the scenes.
Will my data be safe during the migration?
Absolutely! Your data remains safe and secured in our cloud servers. We will just be moving it from our old database to our new database and it will be encrypted during migration.
Who can I contact with more questions or if I have any issues?
Our customer service team and business coaches are standing by as usual to answer all your questions and support you through any issues. Just chat with us on Whatsapp! You can reach us on our main lines: +233 54 5750476 or +234 913 0000 118 or contact one of our team members directly.
Will I still be on the same subscription plan?
Yep! If you are currently on Silver, you'll still be on Silver. If you are on Gold, you'll be on Gold. And, if you are on Platinum, Platinum!
Will my employees have access to Oze 2.0? Will they still have the same permissions I gave them?
Yes. Your employees will be able to log into the new version of the app with their same credentials as soon as you migrate. However, you will need to set your permissions again in order for you to restrict your employees.
Will I still have access to my saved transaction/dashboard filters?
Unfortunately, we have not added the ability to save filters to Oze 2.0 yet – so you will need to recreate them. We’ve got a new reporting feature cooking though, so watch out for new on that!
Will my business logo transfer over?
Yep! Your business logo will still be saved to your account and will still show on your receipts if you’re on a paid plan.
Will I get to keep any remaining receipts I have left for the month?
Absolutely! You’ll continue to be able to share invoices and receipts up to the limit included in your plan.
Will I need to redo my identity verification? Will I need to relink my bank?
Yes. In this new version of the app, we updated the way we verify your identity and link your bank account to a new and improved experience. Please proceed to Settings to complete your identity verification and link your bank account.
Will the app still work offline?
No. Unfortunately, we haven’t added offline capabilities yet, but they are coming soon to the new version of the app!
Can I switch back to the old version of the app?
No. Once you’ve migrated to the new version you will no longer be able to go back to the old version. Not to worry! You won’t want to go back to the old version!

"Oze Shop has given me a convenient platform for selling my products and an integrated system for tracking my sales and expenses at the same time. As a business owner, it has simplified my operations and eliminated the worry of missing so much sales. I highly recommend Oze Shop for businesses looking to streamline their business and increase revenue."

~ Glow Stopper

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