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Welcome to the Oze Cash Now Program

Running low on funds to fill orders? Oze Cash Now is here to help! We know how tough it is to keep things rolling, especially when you’re low on stock. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get the cash you need, hassle-free.

What is Cash Now?

It’s a form of invoice financing meant to allow you to access the cash you need to fulfill an order even if your customers will pay you on delivery (or even later). Invoice financing is a type of loan that allows you to use money your customers have promised to pay (known as accounts receivable) as collateral for a loan. Cool right?

How to qualify for Cash Now

It’s simple – just meet these criteria and you can qualify for Cash Now!

Record Transactions

Actively record your transactions on the Oze app

Identity Verified

Verify your identity by going to Account limits in your personal settings

Account Linked

Link your bank account in the Oze app to received funds

Statement Shared

Share a recent 90 days bank or mobile money statement

Agreement Signed

Sign a our Cash Now agreement – you only have to sign once!

What transactions are eligible for “Cash Now”?

Any sale recorded in the Oze app is eligible as long as:


It’s marked as unpaid or partially paid.

Balance due

You set a due date for the invoice

Share Invoice

You share the invoice with your customer

Our Trusted Partner

Jia is on a mission to connect small businesses with capital in every corner of the world. That’s why their working with us! We partner with Jia to help unlock the funds for the Cash Now loans you need.


How do I take a loan?
If you record an eligible transaction in Oze, our team will contact you. They'll ask if you want a Cash Now loan, share the amount you qualify for, the interest rate, and insurance cost. To accept, reply via WhatsApp or email. We'll send the funds within the hour.
How much can I borrow?
Your maximum loan is determined at the pilot's start. It can't exceed GHS 3000 or 50% of the invoice value. For instance, if your invoice is GHS 2000, the max loan is GHS 1000. If it's GHS 7000, the max is GHS 3000.
Can I have more than one loan out at once?
Yes, you can have more than one loan as long as you stay within your eligibility and all loans (Cash Now or other Oze loans) are in good standing.
What happens if my customer pays late?
If your customer pays late, you must still pay the loan on time. Use Oze's reminder feature to ensure they are ready by the payment date.
How will I repay my loan?
You need to send us the amount due within 3 days of marking the transaction paid in Oze.
How much does the loan cost?
There's a 5% monthly interest on all Cash Now loans, even if you have a lower rate on longer-term loans with Oze.
Are there late fees?
Yes, if a loan is over 3 days late, an extra 5% interest applies each month until you clear the loan.
What is Jia?
Jia is a fintech company providing the funds to make these loans possible. They may reach out to you to get your feedback on how the product is working. They also might offer you tokens or other incentives for on-time repayment.