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JClassy Ties & More Finds Their Niche!

12 March 2020 - 1 min, 15 secs read

Joseph is the CEO of JClassy Ties & More, an up-and-coming fashion business based in Accra. JClassy sells all manner of products in Men’s fashion including ties, bow-ties, cuff-links, dress shirts, trousers, and even lapel pins. 

A fiery young entrepreneur, Joseph has been running his business for the last 1.5 years. He was one of our very first users. He’s learned a lot from our business coaches and even more from recording his business data in the app. When JClassy first started, Joseph was buying products from wholesalers and then selling them at a mark-up. Once Joseph saw how small his margins were he decided to go straight to the source to increase his profits.  

Then he had an aha moment! While discussing marketing strategies with Coach, Joseph realized that it would be easier to compete in the crowded fashion space if he could find a niche. The next day he did just that… wooden products! He now specializes in wooden bow-ties, lapel pins, cuff-links, and tie clips and is known around town for it. If you see him at a trade fair, you’ll even see his custom wooden stand. What a way to stand out!

One of JClassy’s favorite Oze features is the receipts. He says it gives his business an extra professional touch.

Want to do business with JClassy? Contact him on WhatsApp at +233549243656. And don’t forget to follow JClassy: Facebook: @jclassy1 | Instagram: @jclassy_1 |

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