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Sash Meister Records Highest Ever Monthly Sales!

12 February 2020 - 1 min, 35 secs read

Emmanuel is the CEO of Sash Meister, a Custom Kente Sash business based in Accra. Emmanuel, also known as “The Sash Meister,” used to work at a micro-finance company. He had to hustle to deliver his custom sashes on time while still working a full-time job. Since Sash Meister joined Oze, Emmanuel has learned a couple of key lessons from chatting with our business coaches and keeping good records in the app…

Number One: when you spend on marketing, you can track the effect it has on your sales! Number Two: Social media can be a very powerful tool for your business.  

Before using the app, Emmanuel was having a hard time figuring out how much to spend on marketing and if it was worth it! By recording both the marketing spend and the sales in Oze, he can now see the true effect of marketing on sales and has the confidence to increase marketing spend. 

Then, Emmanuel came to one of Oze’s monthly workshops where we discussed how to use Facebook to grow your business. He learned a lot and even won a Samsung S8! When Oze posted about Sash Meister on our Facebook Page, he got a lot of attention. Emmanuel used what he learned at the workshop to take that initial attention and jumpstart his brand. A few months later, Sash Meister closed a couple of big deals and recorded their biggest month of sales to date! 

With the increase in sales Emmanuel was able to resign from his day job and now runs his business full-time! He’s even supplied custom sashes for the Parliament House and the Ghana Standard Awards Night.  

Want to do business with The Sash Meister? Contact him on WhatsApp at +233205793855.   And don’t forget to follow Sash Meister: Facebook: @Sash-Meister | Instagram: @sash_meister | Twitter: @sash_meister

Sash Meister, Royalty with Style. 

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