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Yopoo Clean’s Customers Love Getting Oze Receipts

02 June 2022 - 0 mins, 40 secs read

Yopoo Clean started business in 2018 and started using Oze in 2019. Oze became a fantastic app that allowed Yopoo to do simple book keeping, generating invoices, receipts and know how well the business is doing.

Yopoo Clean produces and sells quality cleaning detergents. Yopoo Clean’s main aim is to make cleaning very easy at home. It’s products portfolio are the Yopoo Bleach (for white dresses), Yopoo Scouring Paste (magic detergents for scrubbing of tough dirt), Yopoo Floor cleaner ( great fragrances) and liquid soap.

Amidst the Covid 19, Yopoo developed it’s newest baby- Yopoo Hand Santizers.

She is a big referral of the Oze App. All her customers love the Oze Receipts she shares after every sale.

Connect with Yopoo on social media:
Youtube: yopooclean
Insta: yopoocleanghana
Facebook: yopooclean
Twitter: yopooclean
Phone number: 0209191691

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