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Oze loan eligibility criteria checklist: How to qualify for an Oze loan

Temitope Adelanwa
01 September 2022 - 0 mins, 51 secs read

Oze partners with financial institutions and other fintechs to offer small business loans to users who consistently use their Oze Business App and have completed the loan application and passed the Loan Prep Process. 

Need a loan for your business?

Here’s a guide on the important things you need to know before you apply.

– Use your Oze Business App for at least 30 days.

– Record a minimum of 10 sales or expenses in a month

– Verify your Oze account.

– Link your bank or mobile money account (Watch the video on how to link your account)

– Upload your bank or mobile money statement from the last 3 months in PDF format. (i.e if you plan to apply in August, upload a statement that covers July, June and May).

Checked all the items on the list?

Now you are ready to apply for an Oze loan!

If you need more information, feel free to chat with our support team in Ghana (+233 54 575 0476) or Nigeria (+234 913 000 0118). You can also send an email to

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